Protective Orders



Under Utah law a party who has been subjected to abuse or domestic violence, or who is likely to suffer such, may seek a protective order (commonly referred to as a “restraining order”) against a domestic cohabitant. A protective order may prohibit an accused party from contacting the victim and from going to the victim’s residence, school, or place of employment. Further, a protective order may give the victim temporary custody of children and temporary possession of property.


Protective order proceedings should not be overlooked or taken lightly. Abuse victims rely on these proceedings for protection
and peace of mind. Conversely, a protective order may devastate a person who is wrongfully accused of abuse. A protective
order seriously affects certain constitutional rights otherwise enjoyed by the accused and may temporarily affect child custody and visitation. Kelly & Bramwell’s attorneys have extensive experience in prosecuting and defending parties in protective order proceedings. We have assisted several abuse victims secure the requisite protection . Likewise, we have assisted the wrongfully-accused to obtain their rightful vindication .

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