Estate planning can be uncomfortable for many. Probate can be equally disconcerting to the heirs of a recently deceased loved-one. Our attorneys are ready to help you in your time of need by providing several services related to wills, estate planning, and probate. You can read about our services below. 

Drafting Wills and Trusts

Having a sound estate plan is vital to ensuring that your wishes are respected concerning your property. Estate planning is also necessary for your peace of mind. Through careful estate planning you may be able to help your heirs avoid probate.

Health Care Directives

The State of Utah allows you to provide instructions and guidance concerning your health care that will be implemented should you ever become incapacitated. You may let your health care wishes be known in an Advance Health Care Directive. By signing an Advance Health Care Directive you can ensure that your wishes will be respected and you can also avoid any confusion or quarrels between your loved-ones about your health care.

Probate Administration

The notion of probate is troubling for many people who have just recently suffered the loss of a loved-one. In certain situations probate may be avoided through careful estate planning. In other situations Utah law exempts certain estates from having to be probated, depending on the amount and type of assets involved. If you have recently lost a loved-one, our attorneys can help determine whether probate is necessary. If probate is required, we can help you to administer the estate of your loved-one.

Probate Litigation

At times, it may be necessary to dispute probate due to the inappropriate conduct of others. You may also find yourself having to defend your conduct to other heirs who have misinterpreted events associated with probate. Our attorneys are ready to assist you in any of your litigation needs.

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