Divorces Starting at $500.00

Utah Uncontested Divorces

In an appropriate situation an uncontested divorce is the quickest and most economical way to obtain a decree of divorce.  An uncontested divorce proceeding is also less stressful.  Parties to such a case will save time, headaches, and sleepless nights.  Unfortunately the paperwork required for a Utah uncontested divorce can be confusing and frustrating.  It is essential that divorce documents are correct.  Let our attorneys worry about and prepare the necessary court documents for you so you can worry about moving on with your life.


Our attorneys charge reasonable flat rates for an uncontested divorce. The amount we charge depends on your individual circumstances.  Please note that the fee we charge does not include the uncontested divorce filing fee.


Unfortunately, an uncontested divorce is not right for everyone.  Some other firms merely plug into forms the information that you provide with little or no regard for your best interests.  Our attorneys provide individualized attention with each client to make sure that an uncontested divorce is appropriate and to ensure that each client knows his or her rights before making any permanent decisions. 


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